Jo Koy: Comin’ in the Beautiful (2019) – Complete Transcript

Jo Koy: Comin’ in the Beautiful (2019) – Complete Transcript

I really like this, it is mine, sis

[“Uproar” plays] d Five, five, about three, a couple, I help one go d d Ribbon, get the fuck whether or not I really don’t bluff, buddy d d Aimin’ at the head such as a buffalo d d You an excellent roughneck, I’m good cutthroat d d You’re a hard child Which is enough laughs d d Then sun die The night time are younger even though d d Brand new diamonds nevertheless stick out d

That is what I am these are. Yes! Needed to take it so you’re able to Hawaii, kid. [cheering] Aloha was real. If you are during the a bad mood, just [whoosh], take them with certain Aloha. [laughter] You guys are like Care Carries, it simply happens of chests. [laughter] “Some one with a bad date?” [whoosh] [laughter] Oh, shit.

Members of The state offer on the crap you to definitely nobody otherwise brags on. [laughter] Which is real! ‘Cause you cher… your treasure what you have got. It’s a. [cheering] I got men walk-up if you ask me, he had been such, “Hey, brother, you can see my personal… you notice my personal the fresh 2003 Toyota Tacoma? [laughter] Cherry, brother. Banging cherry! [l! Brand new, 2003. [laughter] Toyota Tacoma.” [laughter]

That is the hottest dance actually

orchidromance sign in

You do not care, you are easy going. You live in heaven. You don’t have big date… You are not uptight. You are going aside, “A good, i date.” Top sweet. “Ok, top nice.” [laughter] Nice dress, “Where’s my personal slipper? [laughter] Where’s my personal slipper?” All of you often wear good slipper. “Slipper!” Constantly, “Slipper.” [laughter] “Slipper.” Screwing brand new outfit, “Slipper.” [laughter] No one outside of The state knows just what “slipper”… I am going to reveal just what “slipper” is actually. It’s fucking, browse… – Browse, “Slipper.” – [laughter] “Slipper, slipper, slipper. [cheering] Slipper, slipper, slipper, slipper.” I don’t have any idea precisely why you put it on. They have been barely on your own screwing feet. [laughter] [laughter] Which is the way you guys walking. [laughter] “Slipper” in front of your foot. You are not even… It isn’t also on your foot. You only, stop new slipper, step. Stop, action, stop slipper, step, stop slipper, step, kick… [laughter]

You adore the latest vowels. All of you love vowels. [laughter] You do not proper care. A good, the newest letter A beneficial. [le? [laughter] Just how many A’s? Which is a lot of A’s. [laughter] That’s why when the anyone concerns Hawaii, I am talking-to the world now, for many who come to Their state, usually do not inquire about recommendations. [ce. – [laughter] Require guidelines, they will be like, “Oh, which is easy, sibling. Which why you have here. You just go lower Kaleakalakaka. [laughter] Build the right stimulate Laukaladakalakau. Kept turn on Naukauaakala. Following the right turn on Ahaahahaha’aaa. [cheering]

Love everything about The state. Are unable to score an adequate amount of it. I don’t also pay attention to the music and i love it. Whenever I’m here, I can’t end paying attention to they. Don’t know some of the words. I don’t worry. [laughter] I drive and that i play… [mimics Hawaiian sounds] [laughter] [continues vocal] [cheering] [goes on vocal] You may be clapping. I recently produced you to definitely track right up. [laughter] You guys you should never have any idea what the shag I am saying. [laughter] All I did was the latest vowels… [singing] [laughter] [cheering]

You to hula is it crap! Hula are everything you. All that shit they are creating today, all the naughty dances they have been creating, – it took it from the hula. – [laughter] Hula… you to definitely shit is naughty. She talks to the guy due to moving. – [laughter] – Which is sexy. She informs your what she wishes owing to moving. “Your become pick me personally… [laughter] if the sunrays decrease. [laughter] You are taking me to eating. [laughter] If i as you… [laughter] I make you snatch.” [laughter] [applause]

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