Additionally there is the newest blossoming dating anywhere between Jin Joo and you may Secretary Kim

Additionally there is the newest blossoming dating anywhere between Jin Joo and you may Secretary Kim

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Therefore the authored preview to possess Friday’s 11th episode of Television Chosun’s strike drama, Bride of one’s Millennium is out, and i also need to state, by using the very last verification the drama will get 16 attacks, it indicates i simply have 5 attacks to go plus the thought tends to make myself most sad. What i’m saying is yes, Kang Joo try fundamentally catching to the doppleganger act, and you will treasures and you can plots of land are found, but thus i have only 5 way more periods leftover out-of Kang Joo and you can Doo Rim sweet .

After the seriously sweet relationship and you may offer world regarding the other day, some thing begin to arrived at a mind within this weeks periods. Throughout the examine it appears Kang Joo’s mom provides in the long run trapped on to which Doo Rim actually is, and you can regarding authored examine Roo Mi is promoting an improvement regarding cardio. 1st I imagined that Yi Kyung are definitely the one to receive herself and help Doo Rim out nonetheless it seems that she’s everything about getting herself earliest (the brand new selfish biatch) at the least Roo Mi is doing it due to the fact she can find brand new like Doo Rim keeps to have Kang Joo, and offering your hints concerning deception is sort of such as the lady sticking they so you can Yi Kyung, of the trampling all-over their supposedly “perfect” existence, very props so you’re able to Roo Mi .

There’s a part of me that wonders if the Kang Joo will believe the actual Yi Kyung is simply one that is impersonating this new phony Yi Kyung he’s person to enjoy, however, hopefully he will realise that the Yi Kyung ‘s the cooler woman the guy very first met once they very first had involved. An arbitrary split plot idea that we was speaking of that have Hanjae, would be the fact Kang Joo has been around into the deceit the new whole big date, and you will he could be during the cahoots into the female ghost, like that the guy may not be loathing to the Doo Rim when the facts are fundamentally advised so you’re able to your, but that’s simply me Declining Kang Joo and you may Doo Rim to go through other anxiety break up phase. There are still so many plot outlines to get closed right up and you can inquiries become replied that we are some time worried you to on the remaining 5 episodes, we will score a whole lot loaded at us one we’re going to be dizzy .There’s nevertheless issue off that which was thereon forgotten page, what really taken place so you’re able to Kang Joo’s dads basic bride, precisely what does the fresh fortune teller see, what is actually Doo Rim’s grannies connection to this, the latest ghost lady’s complete straight back tale, Doo Rim and you may Yi Kyungs doppleganger relationship, Yi Kyung and you will Yi Hyun’s family relations matchmaking, what happens to this haphazard Roo Mi/Kang For the spot line they put in for such as for instance dos attacks, what about Kang In’s wife? Whom must enjoy more substantial area regarding the area considering she actually is on that cast poster. A lot of something left to be responded and you can cleaned and therefore no time .

Authored Preview to have Event eleven

Roo Mi is awed because of the Doo Rim’s fascination with Kang Joo, even though it required risking her existence, and you will decides to let their out by discreetly cluing for the Kang Joo towards button. Roo Mi points out to Kang Joo one to Yi Kyung appears to be forgotten this lady wedding ring. Kang Joo brushes regarding Roo Mi in the beginning but then observes you to Yi Kyung doesn’t appear to don her wedding band anymore and you can she’s not keen on sweet carrots, the guy actually starts to end up being doubtful of the lady. To confirm their suspicion the guy requires Yi Kyung towards park where they common its pie kiss, and asks her what happened at this room etsii Nicaraguan-naista, Yi Kyung cannot obtain the answer correct, so when Kang Joo leans in to hug the girl, the guy asks the girl “who’re you?”

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