8 Must-Listen Addiction Recovery and Sobriety Podcasts in 2022

After that she is a sober warrior wanting to spread the love and foundation she has found within this community. After dealing with a progressive addiction for nearly 2 decades and multiple legal issues because of it, she finally hit rock-bottom. In the eleventh episode of Sobertown’s Rewired podcast, Julie and Steve talk with Viv – Sober iThrive – about Healthy Relationships.

  • Well, that’s what listening to Zero Proof Book Club, hosted by writers Shelley Mann Hite and Jackie Mantey, is basically like.
  • On her podcast, she speaks to various people in the sobriety community to discuss their personal relationships with alcohol and how they navigate life, alcohol-free.
  • She explains how important a balanced way of eating is and how regular exercise can make a big positive impact in the early stages of alcohol detox.
  • Since 2014 Shane has curated nearly 400 episodes of open conversation that removes the stigma from addiction and helps people get better.

Well, that’s what listening to Zero Proof Book Club, hosted by writers Shelley Mann Hite and Jackie Mantey, is basically like. Some of the episodes discuss alcohol withdrawals, the link between drinking and binge eating, how to deal with loneliness and so much more. A Palm tree is strong, it has clever leaves, a wiry trunk and rambling roots that is how Melissa Breyer from Treehugger.com describes this amazing specimen.

Show Up and Stay Sobriety to Sustainable Recovery

The Bubble Hour invites listeners to share their stories of recovery from alcohol addiction. Each week, host Jean McCarthy holds space for a guest to tell their truth, and together they explore topics relative to recovery. Now in its seventh season, The Bubble Hour has hundreds of archived episodes as a resource for those seeking sobriety-related content. Many of us are familiar with the term sober curious or sober curiosity, and it’s thanks to Ruby Warrington. She’s the author of the Sober Curious book series, host of the Sober Curious podcast, and a well-known thought leader in the sobriety community.

Each week on her podcast, Jessica has honest conversations with guests about mental health, self-development, wellness and spirituality, discussing how they influence each guest’s unique recovery journey. Inspired by her own recovery and wellness journey, Jessica’s mission is to provide listeners with the tools, guidance and motivation to help them navigate through their recovery and personal growth. A podcast hosted by Laura Cathcart Robbins and co-hosted by Scott Slaughter, The Only One in the Room is an interview-type show that highlights different stories.

Recovery Elevator

I had the absolute pleasure of having Michael Sousa and Pete Sousa (of The Payoff with Pete) on my show. They have been friends for over a decade and today they shared memories, sobriety and stories about themselves and their brother Kevin who passed away at 52 a couple of weeks ago from cancer. Multitalented recording artist, entrepreneur & storyteller Bryce The Third is a living example of determination.

Sober since November of 2016, Tricia Lewis is the host and creator of this podcast. The focus of her episodes are interviewing people from around the world who share their stories on life after quitting drinking. Like the Bubble Hour, she too has ended her series as of July 6, 2021.

Breaking Free: Your Recovery. Your Way

This show is hosted by The Temper and HuffPost contributor, Laura Cathcart Robbins. The concept for this podcast came from being the only Black woman at Brave Magic, a writing retreat hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. Robbins wrote about her experience for HuffPost… and https://goodmenproject.com/everyday-life-2/top-5-tips-to-consider-when-choosing-a-sober-house-for-living/ then the comments came pouring in. Folks who have also been “othered” finally felt seen by the article. Hearing the before/after stories are both inspiring and highlight that we’re never alone. Also, a little info on a podcast I just listened to that I had to share with you all.

sober podcasts

They get honest about how they both bought into the “wine o’clock” advertising speak and how it impacted them both as women and as parents, then seek the help of others who are feeling the same. Their wellness journey brought them to “put down the Pinot” and start asking questions about how they really feel and what they really need. You’re probably already pretty familiar with She Recovers, amirite? Well, the SHE RECOVERS community now includes this podcast, which is a collection of audio posts, interviews, and recorded talks especially curated. We can’t end this list without mentioning the Home Podcast, co-founded by Tempest founder Holly Whitaker, and Laura McKowen, who now hosts the Spiritualish podcast.


These fortunate souls are taking a path towards self-awareness, growth for self, family, and community. Our mission, by bringing you this sobriety podcast How to Choose a Sober House: Tips to Focus on provides a message of hope and direction for our listeners. The Brobriety Sobriety Podcast is all about the intersection between sobriety and masculinity.

  • This is your chance to introduce your podcast and grab their attention.
  • No matter the addiction, Shane has discussed it with diverse guests – from veterans fighting PTSD to major leaguers with World Series Championships under their belt.
  • Follow her on her journey from a turbulent childhood through two failed marriages, trauma, motherhood, and beyond as she finds her reasons for getting and staying sober.
  • Shane’s podcast is dedicated to helping others discover the benefits of sobriety and a life without substances.
  • In each episode, the two former journalism colleagues (and bar buddies) read and discuss one book about sobriety, self-growth, or surviving.
  • The Temper writer and certified success coach for women Jocellyn Harvey hosts this new podcast that is focused on personal development.

From psychologists, authors, and recovering addicts, Duane’s hosts give fresh perspective and insight, helping you to discover and laser-focus your own purpose. The Addicted Mind podcast, hosted by Duane Osterlind, features an impressive roster of knowledgeable, friendly guests from all walks of life. Your ongoing battle with sobriety is a varied, complicated journey. Some days, it’s easy – other days, you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal to stay focused and clean. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking.

Alcohol & ADHD with Jayne Matthews

In each episode, the two former journalism colleagues (and bar buddies) read and discuss one book about sobriety, self-growth, or surviving. Their focus is on how these authors found a way to thrive in spaces that profit from when we numb ourselves from ourselves. You can head to their website to see what book is up next and to read along, or simply tune in to the latest episode (or their backlog catalog) for new book or memoir recommendations. Ever wanted to participate in a virtual book club with your two smartest friends?

sober podcasts

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